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Join Marie Swift, Founder and CEO of Impact Communications, as she interviews a variety of NAPFA members and professionals.

NAPFA Nation Episode #16: “Honing Skills: How Volunteering within NAPFA’s Professional Community Can Lead to Career Growth” with Jeff Jones, Abby Hasling, and Stephen Fletcher

In Episode #16 of NAPFA Nation, Jeff Jones of Longview Financial Advisors, Abby Hasling of The Mather Group, and Stephen Fletcher of EVOAdvisers, talk with podcast host Marie Swift about the many reasons they have volunteered their time and energy for NAPFA leadership roles over the years. The episode highlights the benefits of volunteerism and how it enhances leadership skills, facilitates networking and connections, and improves personal, professional, and firm outcomes.

Jones discusses his journey of joining NAPFA, serving on the board for eight years, and the personal growth and networking opportunities he gained through volunteerism. Hasling shares her involvement in committees like the NAPFA Women's Initiative and emphasizes the positive impact of volunteer work on personal and professional development. Fletcher highlights how volunteering with NAPFA provided him with diverse perspectives, leadership opportunities, and significant career advancements. All three underscored the welcoming nature of NAPFA’s community and how saying yes to volunteer opportunities had positively impacted their lives.

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